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HVAC Fittings-Copper Tee

HVAC Fittings-Copper Tee

We have high pressure HVAC fittings for the special refrigerator gas.For examples R410A gas.including Copper Tee ,Copper Elbow,Copper Coupling. Those fittings' thickness is thicker than ASME B16.22 standard.

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HVAC Fittings-Copper Tee


This type fittings is design according to ASTM B88 L type'thickness.So the thickness is much thicker than ASME B16.22 standard.


But the material we used also is C12200 .and the connector length and other specification also is same as ASME B16.22 standard.


The available size and minimum thickness below:

O.D Thickness
3/8 0.76mm
1/2 0.89mm
5/8 1.02mm
3/4 1.07mm
7/8 1.14mm
1-1/8 1.27mm
1-3/8 1.4mm
1-5/8 1.52mm