1/4 Water Processed Tee

HENGSHENG  has used water to process the tee for long time.The workmanship is same as Niboc and Mueller  as well as the shape .


The quality is better than the tee which used lead to process .And it is surely no lead fittings which can confirm with NSF61 .


But it is very difficult to used water to process the 1/4" and 6mm tee.Because those small size tee require very high pressure water to process.The regular machine can not produce so high water pressure.


We have try to use water to process 1/4" and 6mm for long time. To satisfy the high pressure requirement.We have purchased a special water valve from U.S which can increase the water pressure to the qualified level .


Also because we used water to process those size fittings.We also found out that our fittings 's burst pressure also is too much higher than most of our competitor.


For the high pressure refrigerator,for example R410a gas ,Kindly please feel free to purchase them. They are cheaper with higher burst pressure.