Walk Out From High Labor Cost Trouble

Nowdays.The chinese manfactureres also have face the high labor cost trouble same like other advanced company Because the human salary increased every year,nearly all the products's price has increased.But the market is slow because of the economic crisis .   
Hengsheng have considered those produce several year ago and we also face such problem now. To solve the trouble.We have organized a professional engineer team ,whoes main work is design and produce automatic machinery.   
Currently,We have finished many automatic machineries in different working procedure .For example,automatic forging machine,automatic end cut machinery. The appliance difference between us and Nibco/Mueller/EPC is lessen.According to our machinery improving plan.Most our old machineries and workmanship will be replaced and the efficiency must will increase much. And to support our customer,We also has reduce our price accordingly.   
Another function is that using automatic machineries.We can assure our customers the delivery time and we also can control the production progress. More and more automatic will be design out.Hengsheng are walking out the high labor cost trouble and meet a bigger developing room.