Different Workmanship influence the quality too much

Hengsheng's main workmanship is Extrusion.Not drawing The advantage of the Extrusion is that the fittings do not need to bend and drawn..So the copper tube 's molecule construction has not been changed and the molecule construction is much closer than the drawing and bending workmanship. Of course,the fittings's anti-pressure capacity will be higher than the drawing and bending workmanship.   

Most of our competitor used drawing and bending workmanship to process the fittings.Take Elbow for example,The molecule construction at the back of elbow must be destroied. And it will be esay to breack over there if the system pressure increased sometime.   
Maybe the cusotmers can not find those difference at the appearance of the fittings.But this factor will influence the finished products quality too much. Especially in the pressure respect.  
In Hengsheng,When we used the Extrusion workmanship to process the elbow.We squeeze the tube into elbow from one side ,and it has not destroied the molecule construction at the elbow's back. Especially,The thickness at the back of the Elbow is almost same as the thickness in other place.     
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