Delivery Right Quantity To The Customers

  Hengsheng has the strict procedure to make sure customers received the right quantity .  
  First,The workers need to used hands to count the products one by one.  
  Seconde,The workers need to weigh every bags again to make sure the weight of each bags is right according to the products' unit weight and the quantity each bags.  
  Third, The workers need to weigh each cartons to make sure the weight of each cartons is right accoridng to bag quantity and weight each cartons.  
  Fourth, After several time 's weighing, The documentary handler need to edit the specific packing list . The packing list shoud show each items and sizes in which cartons , the  weight each cartons,how many pieces each bags and cartons and so on.  
  Fifth,If the order is huge,The packing list will also show each cartons in which pallets.So that the customers can  find out them easily.