Find Workable Solution For the Transportation Risk


As a reliable manufacturer,Hengsheng not only supply excellent quality products.But also need to consider other factors which may produce risk for the customers.Especially,The transportation risk.  
  1.Because most customers' order is load less than container(LCL),So the shippment has to transport to the sea port before loading into the container. We have strict procedure to check the drivers who help us to transport the shippment to the sea port.We only accept the familiar drivers who are near to the location of the factory and never change them frequently.The drivers will be only two .We never used too many drivers.  
  2.We also used only one shipping forwarder for customers order if the price term is CIF or CNF .We should be familiar with this shipping forwarder .And we also need to check The shipping forwarder's warehouse. So that no staff will steal your shippment.  
  3.We only accept Customs warehouse which is safer than other small warehouse if do CIF or CNF .  
  4. Make insurance according to the customers' requirement.  
  5.All the shippments are used Pallets if transported by sea. And they are wrapped tightly with flim and bandage.