Western Copper and Gold A Look Back at 2014

Company Videos Return to Company Videos Directory Western Copper and Gold: A Look Back at 2014 Friday December 19, 2014, 11:02am PST

 Western Copper and Gold Corporation (TSX:WRN,NYSEMKT:WRN) CEO Paul West-Sells spoke about 2014’s big year in copper market mergers & acquisitions. He says, “People are pretty comfortable with copper… Copper is still seen as a very good play going into the future”.

He also details accomplishments in 2014 and what investors can look forward to in 2015. “2015 will be a very transformative year for Western”, Mr. West-Sells says, “we expect to hit a number of key milestones and really be in a position to be almost through the environmental assessment at the end of the year… and then the other big push is going to be on financing. We’re really going to go out next year and lining up the partners, the banks, the equity players, that are going to be part of the package that is going to finance the Casino Mine into completion.”

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