Copper smelting, processing enterprises performance rebound

experienced a substantial decline, despite the current rebound, but still the performance impact of smelting enterprises. On the contrary, copper processing enterprises thus performance support, so the copper industry listing Corporation performance "shift" in the situation.

data terminal data display, copper from the beginning of the 52400 yuan / ton fell in mid March 44300 yuan / ton, 6 month rose to 51000 yuan / ton, the first half of the cumulative drop of about 2.67%, the overall trend showed "V" type.

in copper prices relatively sluggish, copper industry enterprise business income still maintain revenue Puzhang situation. As of September 1st, in Jiangxi copper, Yunnan copper (600362.SH) (000878.SZ), Tongling nonferrous metals (000630.SZ) and Jingcheng copper (002171.SZ) 4 listed copper enterprises as the representative of all released 2014 year half annals, leading copper company Jiangxi copper first half operating income increased by 5.64% year-on-year to 92936000000 yuan; Yunnan copper year-on-year revenue growth of 92.49% to 29682000000 yuan; Tongling nonferrous, operating income increased by 18.62% year-on-year to 40529000000 yuan; Jingcheng copper on the first half of the year to achieve operating income 3849000000 yuan, a year-on-year growth of 1.59%.

although copper enterprise revenue growth, but profits are not satisfactory, the presence of copper smelting enterprises income does not increase profits phenomenon.

copper smelting, processing enterprises profits in the first half of the differentiation of

the first half of 2014, due to domestic and international copper prices fall, energy, environmental protection, labor wages and other costs rise, leading to decline in efficiency of copper smelting enterprises; and processing enterprises due to price the market demand grew and raw materials is relatively low, benefit of larger increase. On the whole, copper smelting and processing enterprises benefit differentiation was obvious pattern.

in revenue Puzhang environment, Jiangxi copper first half net profit dropped 3.55% to 1196000000 yuan, Tongling nonferrous metals net profit down 25.95% year on year to 223000000 yuan.

because the production overall smooth operation, effective cost control, Yunnan copper smelting plate showed sustained profitability, so its performance during the first half of the good performance, net profit rose 101.70% to 13877900 yuan, the successful realization of losses.

copper processing enterprises on behalf of Jingcheng copper first half of the year with the increase of more than 50 times the performance of eye-catching, the first half of the company net profit jumped 5018.6% to 21869700 yuan. The major performance surge is an annual output of 30000 tons of high precision copper strip projects production, sales rose 32.3% to 15300 tons, product sales revenue grew 20% to 500000000 yuan, the gross profit on sales is the year-on-year growth of 373.71%, reaching 20060000 yuan.

China Nonferrous Metals Industry Association said, driven by the expansion of production capacity, have been the end of smelting plant maintenance and other factors, the second half of refined copper output will have a larger return

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