China Ruilin chairman Zhang Xiaobo to visit Tongling

October 20th PM, China NERIN Engineering Limited company chairman, party secretary Zhang Xiaobo, general manager, deputy general manager Liang Keming, Wu Runhua waiting for a line of five people to group company to inspect. Group Chairman, party secretary, general manager Yang Jun warmly received the Zhang Xiaobo line, and work exchange meeting.

Yang Jun of the Zhang Xiaobo for the warm welcome, the two sides on the restructuring of the company, management, technological innovation and other aspects of in-depth communication. Yang Jun said, Tongling nonferrous metals and China Alarelin companies in the past project cooperation very smoothly, the two sides established a profound friendship, hope that both sides in the future to carry out more in-depth exchanges and cooperation all-round, multi field. Zhang Xiaobo in a line of Yang Jun expressed his gratitude for the warm reception. Zhang Xiaobo said that the rapid development of China Nerin company is also inseparable from the Tongling nonferrous such customers support and trust, and look forward to working with Tongling nonferrous metals have more exchanges and cooperation.

during the visit, accompanied by general manager of the Tongling Nonferrous Metals Group Company Song Xiuming et al, Zhang Xiaobo and his entourage went to the golden industry branch, Jinlong Copper Company for visit. In the two by China Nerin company leading enterprises smelting design, Zhang Xiaobo and the party asked in detail about the production and operation of the two companies, and two companies mainly responsible for the meticulous work exchange. Branch in the crown of gold copper flash smelting furnace, Zhang Xiaobo and his entourage also to central control room of the on-the-spot investigation, put forward the suggestion of further upgrading work and control room.

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