China import a substantial shrinking down overall metal market

with the General Administration of Customs last Sunday announced in August the domestic commodity imports sharply, mainly industrial metal raw material prices fell sharply on Monday. Most analysts say, the basic metals market oversupply situation has not changed, the late price will show a wide fluctuation trend.

the General Administration of customs statistics, iron ore imports year-on-year growth rate fell from 8.5% in August to 12.8% in July; and the crude oil import volume year-on-year growth respectively from -16.5% and -9.0% rose to -12.3% and 17.5%; iron ore imports growth from -12.1% down to -17.1%; copper and crude oil import volume growth respectively from -15.6% and -3.7% back up to -12.1% and 19%.

atrophy is the domestic market loose supply situation. To iron ore, for example, data display, at the end of 8, the national Chinese import iron ore port stocks reached 112370000 tons, although the link to a decrease of 1080000 tons, a decline of 0.95% compared to the same period, but still increased 39380000 tons, an increase of 35.04%, the 7 consecutive month of more than 1 tons. In August Chinese imported 74880000 tons of iron ore; ring decreased slightly.

Platts steel and raw materials, executive editor in chief Paul & middot; Bartholomew said that China's steel enterprises in recent months for the export market has great dependence, to make up for domestic terminal market is very weak demand. The slowdown in China's real estate industry makes the long products prices is expected to fall sharply in the expected.

released the latest Chinese steel sentiment index showed that the industry generally expect domestic orders will decline, the sentiment index compared with August down 2.62 points to 44.82 points. 18.75 long products price index from 64.29 in August fell sharply to September, flat sentiment index fell 18.54 points to 10.63 points. Although market participants expect new export orders will increase, but the price is still not optimistic about the expected, the chain fell 10.11 points to 25.50 points in September.

Paul & middot; Bartholomew believes that the market situation for the iron and steel makers is not a good sign, for iron ore enterprises is obviously a disadvantage, especially in the current of a large number of supply in China when. Iron ore prices have hit a 5 year low, while the steel price decline will make it further pressure.

according to the China Steel Association data released at the end of 8, iron and Steel Association CSPI composite steel price index for 90.63 points, fell for fifth consecutive months, is also the eleventh consecutive months less than 100 points, and record low since 2014. While the focus of enterprises in late August crude steel output 1676800 tons, reducing 152800 tons, ten days were down 8.35%, its lowest level since March.

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