Chile's largest copper mine strike support copper prices

the world's largest copper mine in Chile Aars Condi Da (Escondida) said Monday the copper trade unions, workers have begun a 24 hour strike, and said that if the demand can not be met, workers will hold a new round of strike on Wednesday. The analysis thinks, the strike will affect the part of the copper supply, or to constitute a positive support.

Chile's biggest trade union Sindicato9 month 22 day said in a statement, the workers went on strike in order to strive for better working conditions, the Union will call 2800 union workers held 2 times a 24 hour strike. At present, the workers have held a 24 hour strike on Monday, if the problem is not solved, the workers will be on Wednesday (Beijing time at noon on September 24th to 25 noon) held a 24 hour strike a new round of.

as early as 2011, the Escondida copper mine have occurred for a large-scale strike for 2 weeks, making Chile mineral volume decline, to provide global copper prices rise apparently support.

Chile is the world's largest producer of copper, Escondida copper mine is the world's largest copper mine, the total global output of about 7%. The Escondida copper mine copper production in 2013 1190000 tons, accounting for the Chilean National copper output of about 20%; the 2014 fiscal year produced 1200000 tons of copper, fiscal year 2015 is expected to yield will be 1270000 tons of copper.

China's copper supply mainly depend on import, copper resources external dependence is higher, while Chile is China's largest copper import country. At present, the domestic A-share market A involved in copper smelting listing Corporation including Jiangxi copper (600362.SH) and Tongling nonferrous (000630.SZ), Yunnan copper (000878.SZ), Zijin Mining (601899.SH/02899.HK).

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