Batutua Tembaga invited the Daewoo cooperation in the construction of electrolytic copper smelter

company BatutuaTembagaRaya company, namely the Australian FinderResourcesLtd invited Daewoo International (DaewooInternationalCorporation) cooperation, in the horse dew Gu southwest Wetar built electrolysis (CopperCathode) smelting factory.

in this collaboration, the Daewoo Corp invested $45000000, as the construction of electrolytic copper smelting plant with an annual output of 20000 tons of 8000.

recently, BatutuaTembagaRaya company manager Herman Smith blue (HermanSeran) says to the reporter, and Daewoo cooperation, make the company have confidence, coppercathode smelter built according to plan and the second half of next year to run. "The current operation is an annual output of 3000 tons of miniplan plant, is now to build the electrolytic copper smelting plant annual production capacity of 20000 tons can increase 5000."

Wetar electrolytic copper smelter project takes 132000000 dollars, BatutuaTembagaRaya company has committed $24000000 to build an annual output of miniplan as 3000 tons of smelting factory.

the smelter required is supplied by BatutuaKharismaPermai company, BatutuaKharismaPermai company holds the mining license (IUP), with area of 2773 hectares of area, near the smelter site, BatutuaKharismaPermai company is a subsidiary of the Australian FinderResourcesLtd.

Herman claimed that the Daewoo Corp has allocated $45000000, owns BatutuaTembagaRaya, 24.1% of the shares, and the remaining 75.9% are still belongs to the Finder company has.

in addition to participate in investment, Daewoo Corp Batutua company providing machines and technical convenience, hope that the matter can speed up the project construction work. "Operating smelter or main business, still by Finder company to use."

according to Finder company claims, Daewoo Corp owns 24.1% of the shares, therefore, the Daewoo Corp may in BatutuaTembagaRaya company management department or the directors arrange representatives, later, the Daewoo Corp also have the opportunity to increase the smelter shares until 27%.

Daewoo Corp Senior Deputy General Manager Kyu-JinJung said, hoping to join the Wetar electrolytic copper smelter project, according to plan, the scale of the development of smelting factory. "We hope that this project will enable Daewoo Corp and Finder company can become a long-term partner."

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