Barrick Gold Corporation visited the Zijinshan Gold Copper Mine

October 20th, 21, Barrick gold team visits the Zijin mining, and visited the field of Zijinshan Gold Copper mine.

inspection group detailed understanding of development, Zijin Mining Group Safety and environmental governance, social responsibility, metallurgical technology development and application of Purple Mountain Geological Exploration work. The delegation also environmental protection performance of Zijinshan gold copper mine out of interest, appreciation of environmental protection method for the "construction of botanical garden" in the slag on the good, said the promotion of this practice in North america.

group company vice president Lin Hongfu, Huang Xiaodong, the environmental protection director Liu Rongchun accompanied.

reportedly, Barrick Gold Corporation was founded in 1983, with its headquarters in Toronto in Canada, is one of the world's largest gold producer, is currently the lowest global gold company integrated total cost of enterprise. Engaged in gold exploration, development, production and sales in the world, mainly, which currently has 19 global are mining, a staff of 20000 people. The main business except gold and silver, and other projects.

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